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While Eclipse and IntelliJ are almost identical in terms of their feature sets, there is one key difference which greatly impacts the functionality and user experience of both products.

Auto Save is that feature. IntelliJ has it, Eclipse doesn’t

'Clearly Intellij is better', you might say.


A new article filled with Backbone.js tips and patterns 

Making it in Indie Games: Starter Guide



Every now and then someone will ask me for advice on making it as a professional indie game developer. First, it’s a huge honor to be asked that. So I want to say “Thank you!” Second… damn, if I really want to help out it’s a serious endeavor. Of course, I could always say “Give it your best! Work hard! Be true to yourself!” and it wouldn’t be a terrible reply… just not a terribly useful one, either.

So here it is. Here is what I’m going to link when that rare situation arises again, because it’s too much work to write up more than once! This is advice that I feel may actually be practical to someone who is just starting out as an indie game developer. Hope it helps!

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Hello, 你好, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao!

Today we’re welcoming 29 new universities to the Coursera community of 2.7 million students and 33 existing universities across 4 continents! This is an extremely exciting announcement for us, not only because we’re nearly doubling the amount of schools offering…